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World Good Stories shares our studies, endeavors and journey of helping to realize a loving world powered by good in the heart of our lives.


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on Energetic Ecology

An Energetic Study: Georgia, USA

In the journey of the pioneering experiment of the United States and its continuing evolution of democracy through the 2020 election cycle, the state of Georgia is emerging as a pivotal regenerative agent in deciding the balance of the US Senate and its influence among the 3 branches of government.

About the Initiative

Our Work of Energetic Ecology

bettering society through stewarding the energies shaping our world

A diverse, under-realized subjective and objective ecosystem of energies and forces is at the root of many of the local and systemic economic, social, political and relational challenges and opportunities we’re facing as an evolving Humanity. Energetic Ecology is pioneering studies and stewardship of this ecosystem of energies for our choicemaking, leaders, democracies, cities, nations, communities and sacred Earth to solve systemic challenges and help heal and uplift our world.

world good stories


a world good story 

on Summits of World Good

Book of Planets: An Artistic Poetic Voicing

By delving into the idea of living in a sentient universe, where everything is imbued with life and connected through consciousness, we realize our world is sharing and sounding its voice through every sphere of its being. Book of Planets was created by a gifted poet and artist during the 2020 December World Good Summit in their journey of exploring the unique stories and voices of the evolving Lives embodying the Planets of our Solar System.

Book of Planets

Mercury Voicing

Quantities of Light
Whips the Air
With Neuron Breath
Fleet flies the wingéd horse
Fine white
Field of fleece, gossamer-spun
Fanning flame of
Fanciful flight ranging
For far-flung horizons.

Venus Voicing

I am at the dawn,
suffusing indigo with palest pink,
echoing the ocean of light
in the shell –
far-reaching to the outer shores
of universal dimmest stirrings.
My eyes travel far
and see beyond
with sightings of the science of energies
made manifest and known
with meaning
I pass on,
lifting with the rising sun
and accompanying the chariot
across the sky.

Earth Voicing

I race with wild abandon
upon the white wingéd horse,
racing Hermes with his silver sandals of flight
– pace for pace –
towards the alluring light of the Sun
scintillating on the horizon.
Daedalus is my familiar.
Heart on my sleeve,
in love with the delectable fruits of my creation,
I delight in the sounding
of my voice across the cosmic expanses,
listening to the echo off my peers,
daring the currents to come play
and experience the risk of flying off my edges –
confident that I will be reborn
with the infinity of many lives
and bountiful colors.
I play, therefore I am.
I am the youth whose cheek
Venus’ dawn lights in tender pink,
the promise of freedom,
and the flight of the illuminated mind
for the flock of the whole.

Mars Voicing

The stuff of legends,
known by many names
whispered in the dark ’round the campfires
of desert and wood by poets and wanderers:
“The Great Defender”
“The Gatekeeper”
“Instrument of the Spark”
“Bulwark of the Realm”
“Agent of Transformation and Liberation”
“Guardian of Good”
“Sentinel of the Crossroads”
“Innkeeper of the Lunar Lodge”
“Stationmaster of the Solar Express”
“Pilgrims’ Prod”.
Not the sum of the weapons seen
or fables woven of war,
but the fast friend
who says what must be said,
does what must be done –
the last one at the gate,
latching closed the past
before heading home.

Saturn Voicing

I was wild in my youth
before the weight of what I was creating set in.
Enjoying the cornucopia of life’s plenty,
sated on succulence,
it came up dry
and I was transported to the desert.
Now I tend the scales
with the weight of wisdom
in the ways of cause and effect.
I dance in waltz with the heart of Jupiter
’round my old beloved ormolu clock
with tender fondness for the innocence
of its shepherds and maidens
ticking the celestial cycles
of the pilgrim’s progress
towards the starry seat of the spirit’s throne.

Jupiter Voicing

Gather ’round, ye children –
there is nothing to fear
in the clearing of unknown,
in the loving prick of spear.
Magical worlds await,
and the destiny of the muse,
seek Her Bounteous Gaze where
distant glow does fuse.
Gather in community,
gather in the world,
there in your plurality
your wisdom is unfurled;
there in your wonder found
your wise heart’s way unbound.
Gather thus in joy
and plenty
and in song,
your beauty there lies,
in the midst of cosmic throng.
Gather for the trek
of never-ending skies,
raise your barn communal,
and from there lift up your eyes.
Build your garden there;
welcome all who come;
share in all abundance;
offer it to the Sun.

Uranus Voicing

Fine as glass,
Strong as steel,
Humble as mica,
shining the iridescent seven.
The artisan to the builder,
The hand to the architect,
The steward of the bellows
and the forge,
Keeper of the fire,
Fanner of the flame,
Striking metal on metal,
The magician born.

Neptune Voicing

I feel like the breath of a sigh,
sinking into my center,
the softness of floating
in an ocean of air,
a bed of gaseous cloud –
I am the expanse,
the field enfolding,
the embrace enveloping,
the warm bath radiant,
veiling the intensity of my blue fire
dialed down to dewy mist,
the elasticity of youth,
the flow of elixir,
the weightlessness of a feather
as the atoms discreet
dissolve in the steam of my singularity –
the cumulus of continuity –
a sea with no shore –
a vastness without horizon,
containing worlds upon worlds – 
no beginning, no end
all and naught
wholeness of being
where being falls away.

Pluto Voicing

As the shadow falls,
I am called to your side.
Each dimming planet,
a mark of my presence.
Each fading galaxy,
the stamp of my seal.
Each flickering glow on the horizon,
the promise of my future work.
I pierce the heart of Pegasus
to birth the Life within.
I slay the Dragon of Wisdom
with the touch of my sword
to let in the light of the new dawn.
I still the wild rider
with the shadow of death.
I sup with the Innkeeper of the Lunar Lodge
in the darkest hour of the night.
I dance in the embers of the flame of the hearth.
I burst the shell of the orb of glass
with the ethers of the blue mist.
I am the end and the beginning –
the valiant Knightrider into
shadowed light’s dawn.

a world good story 

on Voicing Art

The Table: A Healing Poem

Poetry helps us give voice to our moments and cycles of personal and societal change, where the world as we have known it shifts to include fuller exposure and understanding of the history that has preceded us and the future that has yet to be written. “The Table” is a poem that offers inner and outer healing and helps light our way forward.

A Healing Poem

The Table

” The golden glow of late autumn light
slants across the table set for celebration,
illuminating the particles dancing in the air. “

[Read the full poem below]

The Table (poem)

The golden glow of late autumn light
slants across the table set for celebration,
illuminating the particles dancing in the air.

The settings are as they always are,
waiting for the life of movement
to take its place
among the crackle of the fire
and the clack of Shut-the-Box
and the toasted smell of
warming dog by the hearth.

He was the first to leave the table,
wandering into winter’s cold to complete
his journey – I felt so alone.

The hole left behind blacker than his
northern coat made for swimming
icy waters and saving lives.

I hope the ruby cardinal was his companion,
no longer executioner, but tender guide
gifting a jewel of bright beauty, a last sight
as his eyes shut upon the snow.

The table is a living, breathing thing –
witness to so many cycles.

How many have sat around it before?

How many hands have passed over these
forks and spoons and cut glasses?

How many stalks of celery enjoyed or forgotten
or borne with fortitude? 

The table is a living, breathing thing –
witness to how many hearts warmed and broken? 

 It flexes and contracts.

As one year, there is one less place
set at the table – then two –
only to be followed by an expansion again –
of friend, of companion, of child.

The universe balancing itself
through passage.
Through this, we go on – 

A fingerprint on a spoon,
an idea in the eye of the soldier and his sons
who gaze from the photograph
across the table
from one hundred years’ distance,
an echo in the ear of the constant companion
dog returned home to the heart of Sirius,
a fond salute in our travels to a fellow traveller
who loved the American West and
the northern mountains and
the mid-Atlantic marshes,
and all the quiet moments that string us
together in a never-ending strand
as we sit
at the table,
wherever we may be,
our memories infused in the patina
warmed by the wedge of late autumn’s
golden glowing light
as the particles of what remains
dance in the tender gladness that we have been.

– by a gifted poet dedicated to world good

The Table (commentary)

Forty-one years ago, a poet experienced the first significant death in their life – their beloved Newfoundland dog who was literally placed as a puppy in the poet’s baby buggy and was their best and sometimes only friend for the first 12 years of life.

In conjunction with some human deaths of family and friend adults during elementary school years, the young poet realized that there was a story to be told in the shrinking family table with fewer place settings each year at holidays.

Try as they might, revisiting the effort to write “The Table” with each death and birth, the poem never came to be. But as the poet’s poetry has recently brought healing comfort to those in grief around two different recent death experiences and as the poet’s mother walks a difficult path with a partner dealing with Stage 4 lung cancer, the poem culminated into existence during the Capricorn month – finally after so many years of attempts.

What made the externalization of the creation possible was the lifelong initiatory experience of starting out as a young child creatively expressing through a natural talent for and spirit of poetry, getting shifted by expectations in other directions, and finally arriving forward again into a wisdom-infused version of that freely poetic child, this time as a spiritual agent of beauty, perception and insight in active collaboration with the 4th, 3rd and 2nd Communities of Good.

The externalization of this poem is a Capricornian completion of long effort, opening the way for new expression.

a world good story 

on Voicing Art

12 Months of Poetic Beauty

When we and our diverse humanity are moving through thresholds of change and conscience, connecting with and voicing the energy of beauty in our lives offers us sacred space and perspective to understand our experience, feel peace of mind and light our way ahead.

Infuse and share the harmonizing energy of poetry in your life and through year with the 12 Months of Voicing Beauty.


12 Months of Poetic Beauty

Audio Reading by Poet

12 Months of Poetic Beauty (illuminating insight)

This poetic work tells a story of the spiritual journey through a year with the Japanese form of haiku. Inspired by photographs by the poet and by the steward of World Good, each poem distills the essence of each month represented in the imagery as a chapter in the “book” of our shared universal story of trekking into greater illumination and goodness. Haiku is the chosen method because the minimalism of 17 syllables requires getting straight to the heart of the matter. As a complete story, each new year offers opportunities to deepen our capacity for realizing and enacting good through the energy of freedom, the energy of love and the energy of creativity.

Each of the 12 haiku poems is a symbolic parable pointing to the nature of the unique energies in motion during each month that create specific openings for spiritual realization and progression. Each poem symbolically reveals the discoverable spiritual purpose of the month and how we can cooperate and grow as kindred spirits of good with it. Meditating on each month’s poem and image as a practice of good yields revelation.

” our individual stories of good form the foundation of our world story of realizing a loving world powered by good “