The World Good Project Is

Building A Loving World
Practicing The Art Of Enlivening Energies Of Good

We’re each being called to trust in, stand up for and strengthen the good in one another, the good in our communities, the good in our nations, the good in our Humanity and the good of our shared story of evolving together.

World Good provides a practice, path and philosophy for being forces of good in the world.

The World Good Project is a community of exploration, care and practice called to contribute to building a loving world by powering our living energies and shared story of good in the heart of our lives.

We’re helping build a loving world at the intersection of culture, ecology and spirituality through works of:

  • Spiritual Leadership & Trustbuilding
  • Wisdom Research & Education
  • Energetic Ecology & Stewardship
  • Existential Arts & Storytelling
  • Societal Healing & Meditation
  • Regenerative Fundbuilding & Philanthropy

Key issues we’re addressing and fields of care we’re contributing to include:

  1. Strengthening our individual and collective power of choosing good
  2. Liberating spirituality in our public discourse and living
  3. Caring for the energetic ecosystem and climate of our interdependent society and Earth
  4. Reciprocating goodwill, unity, trust through voicing our diverse stories
  5. Healing the heart of our relations, communities and Humanity
  6. Engaging kindred lives, endeavors and philanthropists in funding and fueling the energies and movement of world good
    7. Grounding transformative energies, concepts and frameworks for more consciously co-creating with the incoming chapter of our shared story of world good

Here you’ll discover emerging energies, ideas and solutions being cultivated to bring our shared story of good to life to help one another, our Humanity and our living Earth flourish together on our journeys of abundant being into our bright future.

Thank you for your care in exploring and contributing to the mission, message and movement of World Good.

Together, we can amplify energies for good in the heart of our lives, Humanity and world.

The power to choose good is in our hands!

In Kindredship,

Kain | founding steward of World Good

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The message, mission and living energies of World Good are funded by caring, creative lives and endeavors who sense we’re each co-creators with of our shared story of world good and feel the calling of building a loving world in the heart of our lives.

We ask that you give to help us fuel pioneering endeavors and energies of World Good in harmony with your financial means.

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our mission and societal activities including

Choosing Good
The Work Of World Healers
Sacred Salutation
Charting Our World Of Energies
4 Seasons Of World Good
12 Meditations On The Heart
Trek Of Spiritual Being
Forces Of Spirituality
Voicing Art In Community
Energetic Ecology For Earth
Spiritualizing Money


our pivotal work of bringing the healing message and energies of World Good to the heart of our lives, communities and Living Earth



in the Heart of our Lives


Will we be able to come together as individuals and as a Humanity to choose good and realize our shared story of who we truly are, what we truly stand for and where we are truly headed?

In this transformative time in the evolving life of our Humanity, it’s up to each of us to honor the magic of our common ground as kindred beings and help one another voice our visions, solve our challenges and co-create a loving world that cares for everyone.

World Good is cultivating a commons of kindred lives and co-creative energy artists dedicated to contributing to and practicing the art of powering energies of good in the heart of our lives to bring our shared story of world good to life.

Our journey together centers on powering three living energies, guiding missions and systemic solutions to contribute to enlivening the heart of our being and building an abundant, loving world powered by good.

The Energies And Art Of Pioneering Wholeness

Our Living Energy of Wholeness carries with it the key to realizing our shared story of abundant good and wellbeing through enlivening our forces and capacities of…

Citizenship, Purpose, Freedom, Meaning, Goodness, Navigability, Interconnectedness, Visioning, Synthesis and Wonderment

in the Heart of our Lives

The Energies And Art Of Cultivating Love

Our Living Energy of Love carries with it the key to realizing our shared story of abundant good and wellbeing through enlivening our forces and capacities of…

Kindredship, Wisdom, Peace, Values, Truth, Sustainability, Interrelatedness, Planning, Unity and Compassion

in the Heart of our Lives

The Energies And Art Of Growing Creativity

Our Living Energy of Creativity carries with it the key to realizing our shared story of abundant good and wellbeing through enlivening our forces and capacities of…

Creatorship, Mindfulness, Enlightenment,  Beauty, Adaptability, Interdependence, Solutions, Integrity and Playfulness

in the Heart of our Lives


World Good


ON Mission

we’re on mission building a loving world through powering energies of good in the heart of our lives


how we’re contributing to realizing our shared story of world good


give to help build a loving world powered by good

Endeavors For World Good

Enlivening Our
Energies Of Good

World Good Endeavor

Choosing Good

enlivening our powers to choose personal, societal and global good

We all have within us the power to access our energies of goodwill and choose our way forward as kindred beings and citizens of the world. The individual, societal and global choices we make are interconnected…

World Good Endeavor

The Work of World Healers

 developing and investing in the forces of love and work of world healers

Valuing and powering the vital work of discovering, training, equipping, supporting and strengthening the missions of world healers…

World Good Endeavor

Sacred Salutation

building a loving world through practicing the sacred art of amplifying energies for good

An essential force that is missing in our journey and challenges of building a loving world with harmonizing human and planetary relations is…

World Good Endeavor

Charting Our World Of Energies

research charting the inner and outer energies and forces shaping our journey of being

Pioneering research focused on charting the ecosystem, design and world of energies shaping our lives and building a body…

World Good Endeavor

4 Seasons Of World Good

seasonal circulations of energies powering our universal story of world good in the heart of our lives

When we enter into deeper rapport with our higher sense of purpose in life we, enter into an expanded realm of meditative agency and collaboration with…

World Good Endeavor

12 Meditations On The Heart

societal meditation building the foundations and commons of a loving world

One of the most essential needs in this moment of personal, societal and planetary change we’re experiencing together is to honor, nourish and invest in…

World Good Endeavor

Trek Of Spiritual Being

enlivening the development and contributions of spiritually-initiating lives around the world

Our journey of being is intimately personal and existentially universal and invites us to move ever onward into the heart…

World Good Endeavor

Energetic Ecology For Earth

healing our world through stewarding the energies and forces shaping our lives

A diverse, under-realized subjective and objective ecosystem of energies and forces is at the root…

World Good Endeavor

Voicing Art In Community

building loving worlds through art-inspired community poetry 

We’re experiencing a time of transformation, social uncertainty and physical distancing from one another, unlike anything…

World Good Endeavor

Forces of Spirituality

intimate conversations and studies into the energetic origins, development and future of our spirituality

As sentient beings, we realize we’re inhabiting a world that’s flourishing with diverse forms of life, consciousness and energy. Realizing who we are…

World Good Endeavor

Healership For Our Humanity

powering the mission and work of world healers and bringing healing energies to the heart of our lives

The oneness and togetherness of our Humanity is more than an interesting concept to be placed in the background of our daily lives, our approaches to solving…

World Good Endeavor

The Universal Vision

realizing a loving world that cares for everyone

At the heart of every life, community, city and nation resides a guiding purpose and vision that unites one and all…

World Good Endeavor

Spiritualizing Money

liberating the energies and lifeblood of money as forces of goodwill and world good

In our shared purpose and work of building a loving world that nourishes the potential and wellbeing of every life, community and nation, we realize the role money plays…

Our Shared Story

Powering Our Common Purpose And Story Of World Good

Our shared story of good and way forward together is built upon honoring the heart of our being, vitalizing our common ground, nourishing loving relations, strengthening our collective vision and truths and investing our energies in the ideas, solutions and values that light us up for the wellbeing of our world.

These living energies and values in poetic form serve as shared guiding themes and common ground for realizing our shared story of good into our bright future together.

” through unity in diversity we realize our shared story of world good “

Building A Loving World

Choosing Good With Our Shared Values:
Our Shared Story Of World Good…


Is Healing

To wholeness, we are called.
To abundant health, unbound.
To vitality, freed of limits.
A nourishing space of healing, found.


Is Creative

Share our gifts for commons.
Sound our voice for all.
Tap the inner wellspring,
rippling a united call.


Is Loving

Loved ones, youth,
elders, gather ’round.
Diverse communities,
past histories,
future generations,
in relationship
loving and understanding abound.


Is Freedom

Freedom is an idea
whose reality runs deep,
into the fullness of living,
we are called and destined to leap.
Universal values,
choosing a culture of care,
resting in our hands,
if only we will dare.


Is Transformation

Learning, growing, transforming, changing.
In motion unfolding,
we move – as ourselves, as communities, as a world –
with the power
of consciousness evolving.


Is Playful

On a continual adventure,
we wonder and wander –
learning, rediscovering, enjoying.
Hand-in-hand, kindred spirits,
setting out in play
with loved ones,
with living nature,
with our universe interwordly.
youthful eyes and spirits turned
towards new frontiers.


Is Sharing

Giving, sharing, caring, receiving,
watering the dreams and sparks
of our interconnected lives.
Growing in our shared commons,
our shared hearts’ beating
together, each piece,
joining in the inbreath-outbreath current
of life’s abundant exchange.


Is Exploration

The search for how things work,
essential at our core.
The drive of investigating discovery
moving us to explore.
Beauty of nature in bloom,
stirring us to wonder,
the weft of existence on universe’s loom,
beckoning us to ponder.
An open book of ranging worlds,
at home and far afield,
realization waiting to be unfurled,
understanding to be revealed.


Is Diverse

All the colors, all the gems,
all the loves in tow.
All the songs, all the notes,
all the seeds to sow.
We trek together across the skies,
our differences on show,
and natural harmony in disguise
till coalescence brings
the center of our humanity
it is our fate to know.


Is Magical

How magical is life,
accompanying us on our way?
Our inner landscape
and our outer world calling us to play.
These worlds are full of magic
if only we will see.
In beauty, love and livingness,
our spirit is set free.
In being, in community,
in humility and in strength,
the depth of our wonder,
stretches ever forward,
unbound by any length.


Is Kindredship

In honoring,
in celebration,
our kindredship is known.
In friendship,
in shared origins,
our spiritual presence is shown.
In living Earth, in family,
in city, and in state,
in every moment of history,
in every recorded date,
we journey in evolving realization,
that together, we are home.


Is Abundant

Energies unlimited,
abilities oceanic in scope,
resources abundant,
lives yearning on in hope.
Realizations the keys these are
to worlds of plenty for all.
In spirituality’s expanse,
we transcend materialism’s thrall.


Is Being

On the path uniting,
every chapter unfolds the story,
each facet a wider window,
revealing the full glory
of the shared trek
from birth and all on through
to the wholeness of our being
made embodied and true.


” one of the greatest forces of good on Earth is our power to create and make choices grounded in self-initiated spiritual values “