Charting Our Way Forward Together

What Is Our Message To One Another In This Moment?

We’re each being called to trust in, stand up for and strengthen our purpose as forces of good and the universe of living energies shaping our shared story of world good.

What will we choose as our way forward together? 
Will we choose the way of good-will or or the way of ill-will for one another, our Humanity and our world.

With every choice we make we have the opportunity to strengthen, invest in and co-create with our commons of living energies and our shared story of world good.

Our Way Forward

Message To Kindred Lives Of World Good

Dear Kindred Friend,

What will we and our Humanity choose as our way forward together?

Will we, our communities and our Humanity choose to be forces of good-will and the way of helping and healing one another or choose to be forces of ill-will and the way of hindering and harming one another?

Especially in times of great challenge and change, we’re called to unify and mobilize ourselves and our resources around common purpose and values. 

World Good serves as a common ground and collective of kindred creators and stewards fueling the energies and world story of good in our lives, evolving society and interconnected journeys of being.

” Our mission is rooted in the universal idea that a world purpose and story of good exists in the heart of our lives to be discovered, stewarded and co-created with as a commons of kindred energies and forces of good. “

We’re focusing on strengthening 3 living energies and narratives that hold the key to the wellbeing our humanity and future:

1 – Powering The Energies And Story of Pioneering Wholeness

2 – Powering The Energies And Story of Cultivating Love

3 – Powering The Energies And Story of Growing Enlightenment

Three pressing challenges facing our mission of world good are:

  • Cooperation: building the needed spiritual trust, relations and cooperation as forces of good, stewards and kindred spirits to help one another in our shared purpose of strengthening world good
  • Healing: cultivating our kindred consciousness and building the future of our humanity and world inspired by our common values of honoring the sacredness of every being and uplifting the wellbeing of our interconnected world
  • Funding: engaging dedicated financial trusteeship and abundant resources to fuel and aid the emergent and transformative efforts of world good

We’re catalyzing energies in action to care for the cultural, ecological and spiritual wellbeing and progress of our diverse communities, Humanity and living Earth through:

  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Wisdom Education
  • Energetic Ecology
  • Experiential Arts
  • Energies Research
  • Societal Meditation
  • Planetary Healing
  • Regenerative Fundbuilding

Wherever you are in your journey – just getting started with your endeavor of being a force of good, developing or well experienced in your field of contribution or standing closer near the summit of departure into higher worlds reflecting upon your life’s journey – our shared story of realizing good for one and all connects and unites us into our bright future.

Please take a moment and explore the question, “why have I incarnated and arrived here on our Earth at this transformative time in our human and planetary journey together?” What impressions and answers emerge for you?

We each carry with us, in the heart of our being, the power to choose good and how we contribute to our world. How are you called with your distinctive energies, talents, experiences, resources and voice to choose good for the wellbeing of our world.

If our message speaks to your heart and being, we invite you to give to support our shared mission of strengthening the energies and forces of good shaping the future of our humanity and world.

Thank you.

To our bright future,

The World Good Team

” enlivening good for every being is our collective way forward “