Powering Societal Initiatives for World Good

We’re generating, cooperating with and caring for a living network of seed and evolving ideas, initiatives, programs and energies in action helping to realize a loving world powered by good.

World Good Initiative | Society

Choosing Good

enlivening our powers to choose personal, societal and global good

We all have within us the power to choose our way forward as spiritual beings and citizens of the world. The individual, societal and global choices we make are interconnected and set in motion living energies and narratives that have to capacity to nourish or diminish our shared story of evolving together. Our choices have the power to set in motion forces that free our potential, heal our communities and move us towards a world of abundance for everyone or they have to power to suppress our potential and abundance of evolving together. Choosing good is a Community Initiative helping to build a loving world through developing and strengthening our powers to choose good, creating fit climates and conditions for choicemaking and setting in motion forces that nourish our individual, societal and global journey of being rooted in self-initiated spiritual values.

World Good Initiative | Culture

Healership For The Heart of One Humanity

healing and uplifting our Humanity as a steward of living Earth

The oneness and togetherness of our Humanity is more than an interesting concept to be placed in the background of our daily lives, our approaches to solving our societal challenges and our work of creating a loving world that cares for everyone. Our Humanity is a living, breathing, interconnected entity and spiritual being on its evolutionary journey of realizing itself as a center and steward of creative energies in our living universe. Healership For One Humanity is a societal initiative employing the science and art of spiritual healing to study and care for the energetic anatomy, psychological wellbeing and spiritual development of the evolving life of our Humanity as it steps forward on its way of becoming a conscious steward of our living Earth.

World Good Initiative | Research

World Story of Good

studies into our shared story of realizing a loving world powered of good

When we discover the idea or realize the truth that a purpose of our being exists, we enter into deeper relationship with the expanded meaning and magic of our shared story of evolving together and being spiritual co-creators with the something more we’re part of. World Story of Good is a research initiative and cultural movement studying, charting and bringing to life the intrinsic and co-creative purpose and potential of our individual, societal and universal stories of good.

World Good Initiative | Transformation

Journeys of Incarnation

exploring the journeys of our living energy, birth, death and life

When we ask ourselves the questions, “Where were we before we were born?” and “Where do we go when we transition from this life?”, we enter into an extraordinary narrative and magical chapter of our book of spiritual being. All that we observe in nature is participating in the universal journey and natural cycles of incarnation. From journey to journey each life is clothed with a garment for a season of experience, development, service and interplay to be followed by a next cycle of release from its valued and momentary form. Journeys of Incarnation is a research and culture initiative studying and bringing to life the science, art and creative journeys of our universe’s natural cycles of incarnation to grow our societal understanding of the nature of our existence and transform the systems we create to help realize the potential of every evolving life.

World Good Initiative | Research

Energetic Ecology For Earth

bettering society through stewarding the energies shaping our world

A diverse, under-realized subjective and objective ecosystem of energies and forces is at the root of many of the local and systemic economic, social, political and relational challenges and opportunities we’re facing as an evolving Humanity. Energetic Ecology is pioneering studies and stewardship of this ecosystem of energies for our choicemaking, leaders, democracies, cities, nations, communities and sacred Earth to solve systemic challenges and help transform and uplift our world.

World Good Initiative | Leadership

The Universal Vision

realizing a loving world that cares for everyone

At the heart of every life, community, city and nation resides a guiding higher purpose and vision that unites one with all. The energy of our higher purpose is what inspires our dreams, unifies our society and leads us into our bright future. The Universal Vision is dedicated to helping  ground and strengthen the higher purpose, values and vision of changemakers dedicated to co-creating a world that cares for everyone.

World Good Initiative | Research

Studies of Spirituality

pioneering studies into the origins, development and future of our evolving spirituality

As sentient beings, we realize we’re inhabiting a world that’s flourishing with diverse forms of life, consciousness and energy. Realizing who we are, why we are here, what we are part of and where we are headed as spiritual energies is a vital and exciting next frontier of our journey of being and chapter in the emerging science of spirituality. Studies of Spirituality is a future-forward research initiative building knowledge of the origins, development and future of our evolving spirituality and understanding of the spiritual energies that constitute and impact our personal, societal and global wellbeing.

World Good Initiative | Culture

Voicing Art In Community

building loving worlds through art-inspired community poetry 

We’re experiencing a time of transformation, social uncertainty and physical distancing from one another, unlike anything most of us have ever experienced before. Voicing Art in Community is an art-inspired, all-generations, community-centered poetry sharing experience. Voicing Art creates a magic space for our communities to come together – in person and virtually from all parts of the world – to nourish our hearts and heal our Humanity by sharing our stories, struggles and care for one another through the power of poetry. Every time we share a loving word in community, we build a loving world.

World Good Initiative | Research

Organs of Consciousness

exploring the living vibrations and substance of consciousness

Our consciousness is composed of substantial vibrations produced through the interplay of an initiating energy or force upon its instrument and environments of expression. The extraordinary beauty, diversity and functions of our human consciousness are fundamentally musical in composition, origin and nature. Organs of Consciousness is a revelatory exploration and study into the musical nature, significance and science of our evolving consciousness through the medium of music, art and our stories and struggles of evolving together.

World Good Initiative | Culture

Sacred Salutation

building the common ground of our shared Humanity

An essential force missing in our journey and challenges of building right and harmonious human and planetary relations is the energy of sacred salutation. Sacred Salutation is an ageless and universal art and practice of seeing, honoring and evoking the energy of good in every life. When we practice sacred salutation as a way of being, the energies of good are circulated throughout our fields of energy and into our ideas, intentions, words, actions, relations and environment to enliven and uplift our world.

World Good Initiative | Leadership

Weeks of World Cooperation

seasonal summits of kindred sprits powering our universal story of world good in the heart of our lives

When we enter into cooperation with our higher sense of purpose in life, we enter into an expanded realm of spiritual agency and collaboration with our souls and spirits. When we enter into cooperation with the higher purpose of our Earth as an evolving life, we enter into creative cooperation with a vast realm of spiritual energies dedicated to powering our shared story of good for the betterment of all. The 9-day Seasonal Summits of World Cooperation serve as a common ground to unite as world citizens and changemakers around our shared higher purpose of helping one another explore and bring to life the living energies, ideas and endeavors of the incoming chapter of the World Story of Good in our lives, diverse communities and interconnected fields of living.

World Good Initiative | Culture

12 Spiritual Festivals

societal meditation building the foundations of a loving world

One of the most essential needs in this moment of societal and planetary change we’re experiencing together is to honor, nourish and invest in our commons – our spiritual commons that celebrates our oneness, values our diversities and invests in building a loving world that cares for everyone. The 12 Spiritual Festivals provide and create a sacred space of 7 days every month to build the foundations and livingness of our shared spirituality as individuals, as a Humanity and as a Planetary community. These monthly festivals are synchronized to the global clock of Earth’s high energy solar-lunar cycles and center around intimate gatherings, spiritual leadership, wisdom studies, energetic stewardship and meditative living to unite and care for the wellbeing of our world.

World Good Initiative | Research

Octaves of Community

discovering and harmonizing the diversity of our collective being

When we explore the energies contributing to the beauty and vibrancy of our natural world, we discover an essential universal truth and guiding message to help us on our journey of building a loving world and loving relations among the diversity of our human and planetary communities. Octaves of Community is a research and education initiative studying the revelatory principle and sharing the framework of our Octaves of Community to expand our view of the world, build bridges of loving understanding and create societal solutions that nourish our unity in diversity.

World Good Initiative | Transformation

Declaration of World Good

a universal declaration evoking the energies of good in our lives

Our power to embody, evoke and express good energy in our lives with the agency of our being, intentions, relationships, communications and communities is one of the greatest forces for living well and building a loving world. Declaration of World Good is a daily societal meditation for strengthening our higher values, transforming challenges we face and evoking the living energies of good in the heart of our Humanity and living Earth.

World Good Initiative | Transformation

Spiritualizing Money

liberating the energy and lifeblood of money as force of world good

In our shared purpose and work of building a loving world that nourishes the potential and wellbeing of every life, community and nation, we realize the role money plays as an instrument of opportunity and progress or an instrument of suppression and regress. Spiritualizing Money is a societal initiative harnessing the science of meditation and power of choicemaking to liberate the spiritual purpose of money. The work of this initiative fuels world good, re-envisions money’s role as a loving lifeblood to nourish the potential of our communities and helps build the health-giving structures of resource sharing and financial circulation that uplift the wellbeing of one and all.

World Good Initiative | Spirituality

Spiritual Agents

enlivening the development and contributions of spiritual changemakers around the world

Spirituality is a living energy, shared commons and evolutionary way of realizing and contributing to who we are, what we’re part of and where we’re headed asentient beings in the universe. Spiritual Agents is developing the work of spiritual agency, leadership and trustbuilding to help transform and unite our world and equipping spiritual changemakers on their individual and interconnected paths of spiritual realization, collaboration and service. 

World Good Initiative | Transformation

Pods of Wisdom

nourishing the seeds and potentials of wisdom for all ages

When wisdom wanes in the minds of our leaders, in the hearts of our communities and in the vision for our future, we come to realize its absence and true value. Wisdom carries within its lighted substance the recognition that we are all interconnected and here to help another on our way of being guided by a spirit of loving care. When wisdom wanes, poverty, violence, inequity, delusion, authoritarianism, over-consumption, hatred and greed are poised to rise. Pods of Wisdom is an education initiative packeting the gems and commons of personal, societal and universal wisdom into accessible learning experiences for lives of all ages and communities of all orientations to help build a world powered by loving care.

” we’re on an extraordinary journey of evolving together as spiritual beings in cooperation with the spiritual purpose and commons of Earth “