World Good is funded by caring, creative lives and endeavors who sense we’re each co-creators with of our shared story of world good and feel the calling of building an abundant, loving world in the heart of our lives.

Your financial contributions help us power our mission and works of world good, including:

The World Heart Project
Work Of The World Healers
Way Of Living Energy
Choosing Good
4 Seasons Of The Spiritual Year
12 Meditations On The Heart
Path Of Spiritual Being
Voicing Art In Community
Healership For Humanity
City And Space Labs
Energetic Ecology For Earth
Spiritualizing Money
Forces Of Spirituality

and our pivotal work of bringing the healing message of World Good to the heart of our lives

Be A Dedicated Patron Of World Good!

We invite you to be a dedicated contributor fueling the living energies of World Good so very needed in our lives, communities and society today.

As we enter into a new chapter of our book of evolving together as a more united Humanity, the need for fueling our shared story and the energies of good in the heart of our lives is as great as ever.

We ask that you give abundantly in harmony with your financial means to support our mission and efforts of building an abundant, loving world.

Your giving fuels our:

  1. Mission Fund: forwarding our mission and bringing our message of world good to the heart of our Humanity
  2. Relations Fund: discovering and strengthening relations and collaborations with kindred lives of world good
  3. Works Fund: catalyzing and developing creatives, projects and works powering world good
  4. Communities Fund: caring for the energetic wellbeing of individuals, Humanity, Society and our living Earth
  5. Resources Fund: harnessing and developing the technology and equipment for our pioneering mission
  6. Ecosystem Fund: cultivating the social atmospheres, climate of consciousness and planetary ecosystem of energies shaping world good
  7. Outposts Fund: developing constellations of retreat outposts and facilitating expeditions to energetically significant spaces and regions around the world 
  8. Reserves Fund: growing an abundance of magnetic reservoirs and investments of spiritualized money powering world good into our bright future
  9. Stewards Fund: vitalizing livelihoods for the collaborative lives dedicated to stewarding and advancing the endeavor of world good

If you have questions about giving or you are deeply moved by our work and called to be a major patron of World Good, please be in touch at: good@worldgood.org

We are each being called to do all we can, with the capacities we steward, to come together in this pivotal time for the healing and helping of one another, our diverse communities and our living Earth.

Thank you for your spirit of care and contribution.

The World Good Team

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” money serves as a lifeblood and living energy for realizing a loving world powered by our shared story of good “