12 Collaborative Approaches Of World Good

The 12-Fold Heart Of Our Mission and Work

our emerging chapter and shared story of world good as individuals and as humanity centers around realizing, externalizing and co-creating with the living energies of the heart of our world

These 12 collaborative approaches and bands of endeavor compose a living heart of world good to be explored, strengthened and invested in to light our way forward on our journey of building a more abundant, loving world.

1 | Spiritual Leadership

2 | Wisdom Realization

3 | Creative Interplay

4 | Experiential Arts

5 | Energies Science

6 | Healing Commons

7 | Regenerative Wealth

8 | Universal Design

9 | Natural Adventure

10 | Creative Meditation

11 | Mutual Relations

12 | Interworldy Living

” one of our sacred assignments on mission Earth together is to realize, collaborate with and steward the interconnected energies of our personal, societal and planetary hearts for the wellbeing of every being ”