in the heart of our lives

Will we be able to come together as individuals and as a Humanity to choose good and realize our shared story of who we truly are, what we truly stand for and where we are truly headed?

In this transformative time in the evolving life of our Humanity, it’s up to each of us to honor the magic our common ground as kindred beings and help one another voice our visions, solve our challenges and co-create a loving world that cares for everyone. 

Our shared story of good serves as a collective heart and center of living energies fueling the something more we’re each part of and our interconnected journeys of evolving together to nourish the wellbeing of the whole.

Our mission is born of recognizing that a spark and energy of good exists in the heart of every being, from our individual human being, to the being of a nation, to the spiritual being embodying our Earth.

A foundational truth we stand for is that every being is a spiritual being and inherently good, whether that energy of good is latent, budding, waning or flourishing.

It’s through trusting in and nourishing the spark and energies of good in each life that we realize the purpose, potential and path of our individual collective being.

Our mission centers on three living energies, interconnected narratives and systemic solutions to help build a loving world powered by good in the heart of our lives.

Our Energy of Pioneering Wholeness

centers on our story of

and powering our heart as citizens of the emerging world of living energies

Our Energy of Cultivating Love

centers on our story of

and powering our heart as kindred lives within our collaborative commons of spiritual beings

Our Energy of Growing Creativity

centers on our story of

and powering our heart as co-creators on our universal way of evolving together

" we're working on healing and uniting our world through honoring, circulating and catalyzing and the living energies of wholeness, love and creativity in the heart of our lives"


We Are Spiritual Beings On A Journey of Uniting and Healing The Heart of Our World

Our journey of unity, healing and evolving as individuals and as a society is filled with heights of joy, depths of struggle and passages of revelation that awaken our evolving Humanity and strengthen the bonds of our goodness, truth, beauty and togetherness.

We’re each whole-parts of a shared universal and elegant story of evolving together that’s emerging and that we’re being called to co-create with.

When we cultivate the heart of our spiritual being and co-create with our common purpose and ground of freedom, love and creativity, we strengthen, heal and unite the heart of our families, neighborhoods, cities, nations and Humanity and build a bright future for all.

It is in our power and hands to help one another choose and enact good for the whole as our way of being.


Our Theory of Good

We Trust In And Stand For The Good In One Another

Our Theory of Good is that every being is a spiritual being and intrinsically good.

We each carry within us, as centers of living energy and creative forces in the world, the extraordinary capacity to help one another or hinder one another.

The way we honor, harness and direct our energies of good and the creative forces of our characters, insights, intentions, knowledge, voices, actions and resources truly matters and makes seen and unseen impacts on the outer and inner dimensions of our lives, communities and world.

Through our presence, acts of saluting and honoring the heart of another and choosing good for the whole, we set transformative energies of goodwill, freedom, love, creativity and trust in motion and contribute to fulfilling one of the greatest missions on our journey of evolving together – building a loving world powered by good.

“ the living energy of love is the spiritual balm we’re yearning for in our hearts and our Humanity ” 

our 3-fold journey of good

Our Three Shared Journeys

Three mission directions and interdependent narratives fuel every dimension of our journey and work of realizing a loving world powered by good. 

Mission Direction and Journey

Enlivening Energies of Pioneering Wholeness
as Citizens of Our Emerging World of Living Energies

Our 1st mission focuses on exploring, understanding and stewarding
the energies and forces shaping our lives, society and future as world citizens for the good of one and all

Realizing Our Story of Freedom and World Citizenship

% of Active Energies for Powering Our Story and Journey of Pioneering Wholeness:

  • Energy of Wholeness = 50%
  • Energy of Love= 25%
  • Energy of Creativity= 25%

Mission Direction and Journey

Enlivening Energies of Cultivating Love
as Kindred Spirits with Our Collective Spiritual Commons

Our 2nd mission focuses on developing and building working wisdom and conscious collaboration as kindred lives with our existing and emerging collective spiritual commons

Realizing Our Story of Love and World Kindredship

% of Active Energies for Powering Our Story and Journey of Cultivating Love:

  • Energy of Wholeness = 25%
  • Energy of LovE = 50%
  • Energy of Creativity = 25%

Mission Direction and Journey

Enlivening Energies of Growing Creativity 
as Co-Creators On Our Universal Way of Evolving Together

Our 3rd mission focuses on growing the culture of a loving world and outfitting our next generations of spiritual co-creators on the evolutionary way

Realizing Our Story of Creativity and World Creatorship

% of Active Energies for Powering our Story and Journey of Growing Creativity:

  • Energy of Wholeness = 25%
  • Energy of Love = 25%
  • Energy of Creativity = 50%

Currents and Communities of Energy

7 Currents of Energy Shaping Our Society and Shared Story

Our shared story of good, milestones of human progress and journey of being throughout history into our present and future are shaped by seven interconnected currents of societal energy.

These natural currents of living energy course through, condition and contribute to the evolving wellbeing of our planet, the development of our humanity and every facet of our shared story of good. 

The Energy of Purpose and Direction

The Energy of Love and Wisdom

The Energy of Intelligence and Creativity

The Energy of Beauty and Harmony

The Energy of Discovery and Knowledge

The Energy of Dedication and Ideals

Th Energy of Ritual and Organization 

World Good Guideposts

Guideposts For Building The Foundations Of A Loving World

To heal our past, unite our present and build our bright future together, it’s essential we strengthen and endeavor to realize our commons of guiding principles that light our way.

These foundational principles and objectives serve as navigational beacons and guideposts on our journey of building a loving world powered by our shared story of good.

Abundant Being

Pioneering Wholeness

Cultivating Love

Growing Creativity

Living Energies

Collaborative Consciousness

Forces of Good

Harmonizing Relations

United Humanity

Synergizing Stewardship

Sharing Abundantly

Spiritual Livingness


” when we truly care for the living energies of good in one another, we can build a loving world that cares for everyone “