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We invite you to join us is in supporting the call of The World Heart and work of world healing.

Dear Friend, 

We are writing to you with an urgent and heartfelt invitation to join us in supporting the call of the World Heart and the work of World Healing for our communities, humanity and planet. 

Our world is facing unprecedented challenges and crises that threaten our collective well-being and future. From climate challenges to pandemics, from wars to poverty, from injustice to violence to cancer to heart disease, we are witnessing the symptoms of a world that is out of balance and in need of healing. 

But we also believe that there is hope and possibility for a better world. A world where we live in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the planet. A world where we recognize and celebrate our shared humanity and our common destiny. A world where we co-create solutions that serve the good of all. 

This is the vision of The World Heart Project, a global initiative that aims to heal the heart of our humanity and world, 7 days at a time, with dedicated world healers applying the healing science and art of living energies for 7 pivotal forces shaping the well-being and future of our world. 

We invite you to join us in this mission and become a sponsor of The World Heart Project. Your generous contribution will help us fund our work of healing the heart of our world through: 

  • Weekly world healing for the 7 pivotal forces shaping our lives and future
  • Global outreach and development to mobilize kindred spirits around the call of the World Heart
  • Training and supporting world healers who are committed to using their gifts and talents to serve the healing of our world 
  • Developing and disseminating educational materials and resources that raise consciousness and teach the principles and practices of world healing 
  • Organizing and facilitating online and offline events and activities that bring together world healers and world citizens to collaborate and co-create solutions for our world 
  • Building and maintaining a global network and platform that connects and empowers world healers and kindred spirts of the world heart to share their stories, insights, and experiences of world healing 
  • Researching and documenting the impacts and outcomes of world healing on our personal, relational, societal and planetary well-being 

Our immediate funding goal is $400,000, which will enable us to make our weekly healing work and outreach tour possible and engage world healers and sponsors around the globe on our way to raising $4 million this year to sustain and scale up our work of healing the heart of our world. 

We’re sounding the call to you in this moment of our societal need for world healing because we believe that you may be one of the lives who are called to contribute to this visionary project. You are someone who feels the urgent ache of the heart of our humanity and world. You are a person of goodwill and a citizen of the world who believes we are one human family living a shared story, and you are moved by being a force of good dedicated to service for the well-being of all.

What is your heart calling to uplift and heal? We invite you to join us in this project as a funding sponsor of The World Heart Project and its vital weekly Work of World Healing. You can make your contribution as a sponsor below (click here to fund the world heart), with the opportunity to direct your sponsorship to designated healing work of your choice for the heart of the causes and communities you love.

As a sponsor of The World Heart Project, we’ll send you inspiring stories and pioneering research from our World Healing journey and work, as well as invitations to our events and activities, where you can connect and interact with other kindred spirits moved by supporting the call of the World Heart. 

We hope that you will join us in responding to the call of the World Heart and become a sponsor of The World Heart Project. Together, we can heal the heart of our world, mend the bonds of our human family and create a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

Thank you for your time, care and generous spirit.

With Love, 

The World Heart Team

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