World Good Meditations

Meditative Gatherings Around Our Shared Story Of World Good

Intimate, creative and organic meditative gatherings bringing kindred lives and community together around our journeys of being, realizing the emerging world story of good and furthering our shared missions of building a loving world.

meditations on building a loving world powered by good

Request A World Good Meditation

World Good Meditations

One of the most valuable ways of building and sharing the loving world we endeavor to realize is through gathering in meaningful exploration, connection, dialogue and meditation around our shared story of good.

World Good Meditations create a magic space for the abundance of our diversity and unity to come together to explore emerging and timely ideas, nourish our mutual understanding and trust, and create meaningful connections and solutions for our personal, societal and global journeys of being.

We invite you to request a World Good Meditation for your community based on your aims and themes of interest. The number of participating lives, value exchange and duration is uniquely crafted for each gathering.

Be in touch to learn more about convening a World Good Meditation.


Here’s a selection of themes to explore and choose from:

Choosing Good
Value of Values
Sacred Salutation
Energetic Ecology for Earth
Voicing Art In Community
Studies In Spirituality
Healership for One Humanity
The Universal Vision
Spiritual Philanthropy
Our World of Energies
Journeys of Incarnation
The Chapter of Love
Way of Meditation
Spiritual Servers
Planetary Kindredship
Yoga of Energies
Organs of Consciousness
12 Spiritual Festivals
Summits of World Cooperation
Declaration of World Good

World Story of Good
Spiritualizing Money
Pods of Wisdom
Science of Energies
Spiritual Choicemaking
Thresholds of Consciousness
The Energy Atlas
Energy of Democracy
Language of Energy
Evolution of Science
Stories of The Something More
Centers of Energy
Liberating Spirituality
Intuition of Connecting The Dots
Philosophy of Being
Psychology of Energies
The Spiritual Trek
Big Questions and Bright Ideas
Heart of Humanity
Know Thy Energy

” when we gather in a spirit of care we light up the heart of individual and collective being “