WORLD GOOD Campaign 40

Give Monthly To Help Fund Our Shared Story of Good

World Good is on mission building a loving world powered by our shared story of good.

Our mission and collaborative of works are funded by caring citizens and endeavors who recognize we’re here to help each other bring world good to life for one and all.

Your financial contributions help fund our societal initiatives including:

Choosing Good, Studies of Spirituality, Energetic Ecology for Earth, Voicing Art in Community, Energy of Democracy, World Healing for One Humanity, Bright Questions and Ideas, The Universal Vision and our pivotal work of bringing the uniting message of World Good to life

Help Us Reach our $40k Monthly Goal!

We ask you, heartfully, in the spirit of healing and uniting our world as one humanity, to be a monthly contributor to help us reach our $40k monthly sustained funding goal.

As we enter a new chapter of in our book of evolving together as one humanity, the need for fueling our shared story and the forces of good in the heart of our lives is as great as ever.

We ask that you give abundantly in harmony with your financial means to support our mission and efforts of realizing a loving world powered by good.

Your monthly giving goes to our:

  1. Mission: mobilizing our message & mission for the world
  2. Initiatives: catalyzing transformative works for society
  3. Gear: technology and resources for our journey
  4. Stewardship: dedicated stewards powering world good

If you have questions about giving or you are deeply moved by our work and called to be a major patron of World Good, please be in touch at

We are each being called to do all we can, with the capacities we steward, to come together in this pivotal time for the healing and helping of one another, our diverse communities and our living Earth.

Thank you for your spirit of care and contribution.

Kaisan | steward of world good

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” money serves as a lifeblood and living energy for realizing a loving world powered by our shared story of good “